August 25

the top 10 iPhone apps everyone should have

I’ve had my iPhone for a little over a year now, and over that time I’ve grown to love a few apps above all the rest. A few of these are obvious, but I’m sure there are a few you haven’t heard of. And the best part is, they’re all free! I think…

Words With Friends

While I realized I don’t actually have the patience to play this Scrabble-like game after a few months, it is still really well-made, and it is fun.


Bored at work? Listen to The Anti-Federalist Papers on your iPhone, for free!


How can you not love Googling something just by speaking it?


If you’re a Twitterer, this is the way to go.




Yes, it comes with the phone. However, as a YT addict, I couldn’t just pass over this one.


Recently found this quiz game and it’s a lot of fun. Similar to the trivia at B-Dubs, and you can play with friends.


Yes, I’m a lazy slob and I like changing my iTunes from my couch. Get over it.


Targeted radio. The way of the future.


Even I, the world’s third best programmer, will never understand how this one works. Music recognition? Magic.