March 21

cops are above the law and you are their inferiors

this weekend, I had the displeasure of experiencing a very unsettling situation unfold. as I sat on the patio of a restaurant having dinner with friends, police activity started to pick up right in front of me. first, a police car sat in the middle of a one-way street with its lights off, and the cop was just standing outside his car talking to someone. he very easily could have pulled his car off the road into a number of spots, but this did not happen.  a vehicle was stuck behind this car and could not get by, so (and yes, this was dumb, but the decision was basically forced) they instead waited until the opposite one-way street was clear and went around the police car that way. it was only for about 100 feet, and totally safe. of course, as soon as this happened, the cop ran and jumped into his car and tracked this vehicle down, since this of course became immediately more important than whatever he was doing before. whether they ended up getting a ticket, I am not sure.

then, about five minutes later, the scene pictured below unfolded. to explain, there was a cop sitting on the side of this one-way street, talking to a man and woman (you can see them in the picture, between the two cars). the conversation was not urgent, it appeared to be a friendly conversation between people who knew each other. then, the second car pulled up, again, completely blocking the street. the cop in this car joined the conversation. after a few seconds, another citizen car pulled behind the police cars, trying to get by, but they were of course impeded. that is when I took this picture:

shortly thereafter, four more cars pulled in, and were also stuck behind the police cars. after about another minute of watching this, I got pretty fed up in disbelief at their lack of courtesy, and approached the cops. I said to both of them, “excuse me, there are about 5 cars stuck behind you, waiting for you guys to move”. the cop in the car that was primarily blocking them replied “yeah, I see ’em”. at this point I just looked into his eyes with a kind of incredulous death stare for a second, and then walked away shaking my head. I’m surprised I wasn’t arrested right then and there. after maybe another 30 seconds, the cop finally pulled away, and the cars were allowed to go through. of course, the reason the cop pulled away was to pull over another car which had just made a right turn in front of him (it did not seem to be an illegal turn, so I have no clue why he pulled this person over – probably just in anger that he had been challenged by a lowly slave peasant citizen).

so, there you have it folks. cops are above the law and you are their inferiors. they do what they want, and you just have to take it. OR, we can try to change this. there are more slaves than masters in this world. a slave revolt, even in thought, mind, attitude, would be a start. no other man is above you or I. don’t let them bully you into thinking the opposite is true.

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