October 27

splitting the vote

With the November midterm elections right around the corner, the political discourse – as much as ever – is rampant. One timeless phrase heard and concern held in a perhaps higher-than-usual frequency this election is “splitting the vote” – with the growth of libertarianism and the onset of a new political movement, the Tea Party, one can see why. But, frustratingly, the concern in the conservative movement remains, as it has for years; if I vote for the libertarian or the independent more closely aligned with “my” views, surely my guy AND the “lesser-of-two-evils” Republican will split the vote, and the evil Democrat will win!

As a member of the libertarian (or the “true” conservative) movement, I must posit the question: what’s the difference? That is, what’s the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats anyways, especially in this new millennium? What good has either party done in the last 20 years to make them worthy of your recurring vote?

The Republicans claim they will put an end to the spending and return to limited government. Why now? Why, when they had the majority under Bush, did they expand the size of the federal government the most since the socialist FDR and his cronies at the beginning of last century?

Many conservatives claim they are tired of the pragmatism, the compromise, and yearn for a man of principle to represent them in Congress. How can they then, in the same breath, abandon their own principles and claim that the possibility of splitting the vote is too dangerous, and that they must therefore compromise?

As for the possibility of splitting the vote: does it really matter? Most Republicans in DC voted for legislation that most real conservatives are against: TARP bailouts, Medicare, the Patriot Act, and a myriad of other spending bills. In their “Pledge to America”, they admit they don’t even want to repeal Obamacare; they simply want to replace it with their own version. The Democrats and the majority of the Republicans in Washington are going down the same road – the road towards big government. Whether or not you split the vote, if you get a Democrat or an establishment Republican, there is one thing you are sure to get: more of the same.

As for me, as a resident of VA-7 district, I will be voting for Floyd Bayne (floydbayne.com). Cantor, his establishment Republican minority whip opponent, has shown his true colors by casting his vote in favor of the aforementioned big-government bills. I urge you to cast off your paradigm, cast off your ingrained party affiliation, and vote for the independent, the libertarian, the challenger – ANYONE but the incumbent – because the time is long past due for REAL change.
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April 16

love me some sweet Tea

yesterday was every American’s favorite day… Tax Day! so to celebrate, I headed down to the private Richmond Federal Reserve building with my family. little did I know that thousands of my brothers and sisters would show up, even in the rain! I hope some eyes were opened.

most of the media tried to paint this as a “right” movement, something for the “left” to laugh at. Fox is the most guilty for trying to take credit for what was truly a grassroots movement. this is not about the left or the right.. this is about the left AND the right! we are fed up with a Congress that no longer represents US. what are we going to do about it? the first step is to get informed about what is happening.

what we all need to keep in mind is that these policies are not just of Obama and his crony cabinet but all of our representatives, both to the right and the left. don’t forget, even 1/3 of the Republicans in the House voted FOR the bailout. Bush, Obama, AND McCain put it together. it was pushed through in record time, even though nobody had even read it! the wasteful spending of the Bush administration has not changed one bit… it’s only intensified.

my only wish is that I had let myself realize all this 8 years ago, instead of turning a blind eye to it because it was “my” party and trusting that they were using their powers for good. I hope those of you who are “Republicans” can admit to yourself that everything you are mad about Obama doing, Bush was doing for the past two terms. and I hope those of you who are “Democrats” can admit to yourself that everything you hated about Bush for the past 8 years, Obama is causing or allowing to happen at an even more exponential rate.

uninvest yourself in a person, or a party, and invest yourself in your country. that is the only way things will change.

this article is interesting, take a few minutes and let me know what you think. last thing of the day: <3 32.

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