May 22

S 604: Audit The Fed, pt. 2!

this is a sister post to HR 1207: Audit The Fed

great news… well over 1/3 of the House is now co-sponsoring HR 1207! this means it has a great chance to pass. but now we’ve got to get cracking on its companion bill in the Senate! S 604, Federal Reserve Sunshine Act of 2009 [GT] [OC], is that bill. and it currently has no co-sponsors! time to change that. here’s how:

  • go to faxZero, which lets you send 2 faxes per day for free. put your name and email into the “Sender Information” box (it’s important to use a valid email, as you will be sent a confirmation which you have to click before the fax will be sent).
  • download this pdf. attach it to the “Fax Information” section in faxZero, and enter the Confirmation Code.
  • find Senators which are NOT currently co-sponsors of this bill (here are Virginia’s Senators).
  • go to your Senator’s official website and find the contact page. find the fax number for their Washington D.C. Office, and copy and paste it into the “Receiver Information” box in faxZero after putting their name into this section.
    • Senator Mark Warner at 2022246295
    • Senator Jim Webb at 2022286363
  • click “Send Free Fax Now”! you will receive a confirmation message in your email – click it. congrats! you have just contacted your Senator about one of the most important issues facing our government today…
  • send another one to your other Senator. then, tomorrow, send two more. keep sending until every Senator in the nation gets the message!

UPDATE: there is another Senate Bill “to require the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System to publish information on financial assistance provided to various entities, and for other purposes”: S 513.