August 30

Rick Perry is a total fraud

The evidence keeps piling up, and it’s all pointing towards one simple fact: Rick Perry is a completely, totally fake conservative, through-and-through! What follows is a quick summary of Rick Perry’s blatant and all-encompassing anti-conservative history. Newest dirt first…

universal health care

That’s right, folks – in the newest addition to the Rick Perry Neocon Laundry List, we have a letter from Pointy-Boots Perry to then-First Lady Hillary Clinton in support of her healthcare task force. Hillary’s Task Force on National Health Care Reform was created to provide government-run universal health care. This alone should be proof enough that Rick Perry is just another Big Government Authoritarian… but this is just the beginning!

“Gardasil Rick”

Rick issued an executive order forcing all sixth-grade girls to take Gardasil shots.


Rick gets a D- on immigration.

TARP Bailouts

Rick supported the TARP bailouts.

TSA Bill

Rick killed the ‘Restrain The TSA’ bill.

Al Gore

Rick backed an already-climate-crusading Al Gore in ’88.


Rick attends globalist Bilderberg meetings: Perry off to secret forum in Turkey. [alt]


Not to mention the questionable and would-be-hypocritical involvement with the La-Te-Da and Movie Gallery scandals. If you continue to support Rick Perry after being made fully aware of all these marks against him, you might want to question whether you yourself are a true conservative.

There is only one Republican Presidential candidate right now that has been a real, principled, consistent conservative for decades. His initials are RP and he is from Texas, but his name is NOT Rick Perry.

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