November 3

midterm reflections 2010

Coming off an historic wave of incumbent-ousting in yesterday’s midterm elections, a look back on Congress, and a look forward.

  • As I was (surprisedly) glad to hear Boehner, McCain, and others recognize, this election was a repudiation of the Democrats, NOT an endorsement of the Republicans.
  • Main Street Republicans must remain vigilant. Far too often, when “their party” wins, the people become complacent and fail to hold their own elected officials’ feet to the fire throughout the upcoming term. Remember, the Republicans’ “Pledge to America” consists not of a proper healthcare repeal, but a “repeal and replace” – or put simply, “their version”, still complete with illogical preexisting conditions verbiage.
  • Nancy Pelosi (aka NoPelosi, DoPelosi, or Pelosi-Doh!) is relegated to the backseat. There is even talk of her resigning in the near future, which, I promise, would make my day. Nothing would make me happier than to never, ever have to see the bumbling, elitist, flailing-hand-gesture lady again.
  • Rand Paul’s victory was the most exciting news of the election. I’m calling it now: the start of a great, chamber-spanning relationship now known as “The Paul Caucus”. Can’t wait to see what kind of knowledge-bombs this guy will drop on DC.
  • Tom Perriello, one of the Obama/Pelosi machine’s chief enablers/rubber stampers in the House, was ousted. This after Obama made his only solo campaign endorsement for the guy (did he WANT the guy knocked off?). Or, poetically: “All King Obama’s horses and all of his henchmen, couldn’t put Tom Perriello back in Congress again!”
  • Alan Grayson’s fall from grace. I was a big fan of Grayson when he was one of only a few who stood up to the Federal Reserver and asked the tough questions. I then started to become wary of him when he began grandstanding against the Republicans on the healthcare issue, saying that they had no real solutions but to “let people die” (patently false). When he ran the sickeningly slanderous “Taliban Dan” ads, it was all over for the one-and-done-er. At least it was a good lesson on how NOT to run a campaign.
  • Lastly, South Carolinian Democrats should be entirely embarrassed at themselves. That Alvin Greene, the alleged sex offender with no platform or even capable dialogue other than robotically repeating “It’s all Jim Demint’s fault”, would carry 1/3 of the vote – shocking.
October 21

don’t stop believin’

for the past two weeks, the sky has been falling. we’ve been up in arms about the economy, the election, our jobs. meanwhile, CEOs of companies like AIG are throwing our hard-earned money down the drain. every day we hear about some new scandal, or disaster, or murder. the news is full of depressing and evil stories.

but today I had an experience down a different path. I was standing in line to pay for gas (which is $2.37 here now.. WOW! I truly never thought it would be this cheap again… enjoy it while it lasts!) and the woman in front of me said something to the cashier about cigarettes. it sounded like she was implying that she had paid for two packs yesterday, but only received one. the cashier seemed to think the same thing, and was reluctantly going to give her a “free” pack today, when she corrected him. she did not want another pack for free – she had only been charged for one of the two packs she had gotten yesterday – she wanted to pay for the cashier’s mistake!

I was surprised to see such honesty. I remarked out loud “wow – that’s a pretty impressive display of honesty”. her reply: “well, you’ll never really get anywhere being dishonest”. and isn’t that the truth?

I thought about it for a while today. I hope I would be that honest if I were put in the same situation. I know there have been times where I’ve been given too much change, and gave the extra back right then & there. but to come back the next day and return what was rightfully the store’s, that is some true integrity.

my mom and I talk about this all the time – how there are still good people out there, but those good stories usually get covered up because it’s “more interesting” to report all the bad things. my point is this – there are still good people out there. people who will help you up when you’re down, or help you out when you need a hand. God is good. and next time you’re feeling down, remember this corny one-liner…

life’s a Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’.

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