September 11

absolutes (notes to self)

Don’t compromise on principles.

Be relentless in pursuit of truth and justice.

Stick to your guns.

Never cave to evil masquerading as light.

The wisdom of the crowd is often distorted.

Defend the weak, respect the different.

Never back down in the face of enormous odds or ridicule.

Strength is not found in rhetoric, emotion, haste, or imposition.

Strength is found in the exercise of restraint, composure, and deliberate action.

Don’t fear the consequences of doing the right thing.

You will fall, but you will get up every time, wiser.

Don’t forget to have fun, be happy, and laugh at every opportunity.

We live on a rock hurtling through the universe at Mach 867 – all life is extraordinary.

Let the scope of your actions improve the world, even if only for one other person.

One man can change the course of history for the better, and it can be you.