November 19

music quotes

  • You could do better.
    You could be the greatest man in the world.
     - Say Anything, Do Better
  • Don't waive your rights with your flags.
     - Sage Francis, Makeshift Patriot
  • What good is a man who won't take a stand?
    What good is a cynic with no better plan?
    I believe in a better way.
     - Ben Harper, Better Way
  • There is a war going on for your mind
    If you are thinking you are winning
    Resistance is victory
    Defeat is impossible
    Your weapons are already in hand
    Reach within you and find the means by which to gain your freedom
    Fight with tools
    Your fate and that of everyone you know depends on it.
     - The Flobots, We Are Winning
  • We need heroes, build them;
    Don't put your fists up, fill them;
    Fight with our hopes and our hearts and our hands;
    We're the architects of our last stand.
     - The Flobots, Fight With Tools
  • Stand up
    We shall not be moved
    Unless we're taking a route we have not pursued
    So if you've got a dream and a lot to do
    Put your hands up and I'll copy you
     - The Flobots, Stand Up
  • Truth is natural like a wind that blows
    Follow the direction no matter where it goes
    So it shall be, the earth and the sea,
    Let the truth blow like a hurricane through me
     - Third Eye Blind, Wake For Young Souls
  • If you close your eyes,
    'Cause the house is on fire
    And think you couldn't move,
    Until the fire dies
    The things you never did,
    'Cause you might die trying,
    You might die trying.
     - Dave Matthews Band, You Might Die Trying