April 30

HR 1207: Audit The Fed

“The Fed”, or The Federal Reserve, is a private conglomeration of banks which literally controls the U.S. economy and has the power to print money, but has never been audited. when asked fiscal questions by Congress, the Chairman of The Fed (currently Ben Bernanke) is free to, and ususally does, NOT answer. Alan Greenspan himself has said that The Fed is above the law. does it make sense that the most powerful private corporation in our country, one which performs all its operations with our taxpayer money, has never been audited? it’s time for this to change.

UPDATE: Rep. Alan Grayson [D-FL] asks the Federal Reserve Inspector General about the trillions of dollars lent or spent by the Federal Reserve and where it went, and the trillions of off balance sheet obligations. Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman responds that the IG does not know and is not tracking where this money is.

this is a bill by Ron Paul [GT] [OC], but it is the epitome of a nonpartisan issue. I can’t imagine a “Democrat” or “Republican” going home and saying, “well I don’t really think we have a right to know where our money is going, so I think the Federal Reserve should continue giving our money away in secrecy”.

here’s how to support this bill, and it’s almost as easy as reading what you’ve just read (well, it will take about 5 minutes):

  • go to faxZero, which lets you send 2 faxes per day for free. put your name and email into the “Sender Information” box (it’s important to use a valid email, as you will be sent a confirmation which you have to click before the fax will be sent).
  • download this pdf. attach it to the “Fax Information” section in faxZero, and enter the Confirmation Code.
  • find your state’s reps which are NOT currently co-sponsors of this bill (here are Virginia’s reps – currently the gentlemen from districts 1 and 6 ARE co-sponsors – the rest need to hear it from us!).
  • go to your rep’s official website and find the contact page (for example, Rep. Randy Forbes). find the fax number for their Washington D.C. Office, and copy and paste it into the “Receiver Information” box in faxZero after putting your rep’s name into this section.
    • Rep. Rob Wittman [R] at 2022254382 (already a co-sponsor)
    • Rep. Glenn Nye [D] at 2022254218
    • Rep. Robert Scott [D] at 2022258354
    • Rep. Randy Forbes [R] at 2022261170 (5/20/2009 UPDATE: NOW CO-SPONSORING!)
    • Rep. Tom Perriello [D] at 2022255681 (5/13/2009 UPDATE: NOW CO-SPONSORING!)
    • Rep. Bob Goodlatte [R] at 2022259681 (already a co-sponsor)
    • Rep. Eric Cantor [R] at 2022250011 (6/23/2009 UPDATE: NOW CO-SPONSORING!)
    • Rep. Jim Moran [D] at 2022250017
    • Rep. Rick Boucher [D] at 2022250442
    • Rep. Frank Wolf [R] at 2022250437 (6/11/2009 UPDATE: NOW CO-SPONSORING!)
    • Rep. Gerald Connolly [D] at 2022253071
  • click “Send Free Fax Now”! you will receive a confirmation message in your email – click it. congrats! you have just contacted your Representative about one of the most important issues facing our government today…
  • but don’t stop there! send another one to another rep. then, tomorrow, send two more. keep sending until every rep in the nation gets the message! we wanna know where the gold at.

if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. I would love to answer them. it’s time for transparency.

April 16

love me some sweet Tea

yesterday was every American’s favorite day… Tax Day! so to celebrate, I headed down to the private Richmond Federal Reserve building with my family. little did I know that thousands of my brothers and sisters would show up, even in the rain! I hope some eyes were opened.

most of the media tried to paint this as a “right” movement, something for the “left” to laugh at. Fox is the most guilty for trying to take credit for what was truly a grassroots movement. this is not about the left or the right.. this is about the left AND the right! we are fed up with a Congress that no longer represents US. what are we going to do about it? the first step is to get informed about what is happening.

what we all need to keep in mind is that these policies are not just of Obama and his crony cabinet but all of our representatives, both to the right and the left. don’t forget, even 1/3 of the Republicans in the House voted FOR the bailout. Bush, Obama, AND McCain put it together. it was pushed through in record time, even though nobody had even read it! the wasteful spending of the Bush administration has not changed one bit… it’s only intensified.

my only wish is that I had let myself realize all this 8 years ago, instead of turning a blind eye to it because it was “my” party and trusting that they were using their powers for good. I hope those of you who are “Republicans” can admit to yourself that everything you are mad about Obama doing, Bush was doing for the past two terms. and I hope those of you who are “Democrats” can admit to yourself that everything you hated about Bush for the past 8 years, Obama is causing or allowing to happen at an even more exponential rate.

uninvest yourself in a person, or a party, and invest yourself in your country. that is the only way things will change.

this article is interesting, take a few minutes and let me know what you think. last thing of the day: <3 32.

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March 8

what is Bilderberg?

hmm – that’s a good question. my suggestion: Google it!

so, did you Google it yet? if you did, you might have noticed that Google’s new “dropdown magic” (the suggested results that drop down whenever you start typing) didn’t seem to work correctly for the phrase Bilderberg. now, maybe there’s a reason for this – maybe there just aren’t any articles out these about Bilderberg! after all, that is how the dropdown magic is calculated – the more results a keyword has, the more important it will be in the dropdown.

so, did you notice how many results are returned for the term Bilderberg? 1,530,000. seems like that should be enough to get some face time, right?

now, try this. start typing the word, until you have typed “Bilde”. notice something weird? they neglected to censor the misspellings! “bildeburgers” and “bildenbergs” are shown in the dropdown magic – and did you notice their results? 1,180 and 10,400 respectively. seems like the term with about 1,000 x the results should show up here, right?

now that I’ve hopefully got you intrigued, it is your duty to look into what the Bilderberg Group actually is, and why it’s being censored. at first you won’t believe it, or maybe you won’t care. maybe you’ll think I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist – if you’re reading this, hopefully you know me better than that. but maybe, just maybe, you’ll educate yourself on the most important issue impacting our current state of affairs – the Federal Reserve System (“The Fed”). and then maybe you’ll investigate Infowars and Alex Jones, and look into New World Order, and Illuminati. and if you look into this enough, you might come to find that the world you think you’ve lived in is drastically different from the world you actually live in.

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected the promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world-government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the National auto determination practiced in past centuries.”
– David Rockefeller

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March 2

on the right to keep and bear arms

I’ve gotten into some debates over the meaning of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. The classic debate: does it apply to military only, or to all citizens of the U.S.? Here is the Second Amendment, as it was written, with original punctuation, etc:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The first thing you should notice is that “People” is capitalized, but “militia” is not. Think about that. Now, instead of arguing semantics, I beg you to use some common sense. Think about the spirit of the times. The Founding Fathers were revolting against a tyrannical government. Who did George Washington battle? The British military. How could George Washington lead a revolution against an oppressive government, if the only group in possession of firearms was the army representing that oppressive government? He would have had to be a whole lot more creative, that’s for sure.

Amendments can change other amendments, but the Bill of Rights cannot be changed. That is because the Bill of Rights lists Rights that are not granted to us – these are inherent Rights from the minute we are born into this world. If our Rights could be restricted, it would be called the Bill of Privileges, but it is not. In other words, our right to guns is not up for debate.

I know some will laugh about this. “That’s ridiculous, nobody is going to take your guns, it’s conservative paranoia and propaganda.” Okay, let’s take a look at the assault weapon ban which will probably be reinstituted soon. Well, people say, “What kind of crazy people need assault weapons?”. Hmm, good point, I don’t have an assault weapon. I don’t necessarily think I need one. But can’t you see what precedent is being set? Can’t you see that when the assault weapons are banned, it’s much easier to ban rifles? Semi-automatic handguns? Can you see how vulnerable we are? How easily we give in and allow ourselves to be told what to do?

The time is here, they are passing laws left and right to limit our gun rights. Gun bans, extreme ammo taxes, mandatory permits – these things are happening right now. Eventually, they will come to our doorsteps demanding our guns. And when it does, we will each have a choice whether to fight or to acquiesce. And if you acquiesce, you have learned nothing from history, when the Jews slowly gave up their rights in order to avert a crisis. And the blame will not be on Obama, or Pelosi, or Roberts, or any of the other instruments of control. The blame will be on you.

“People say ‘well you know, the interpretation of the Supreme Court is the only one that counts when we’re talking about the Second Amendment’. Oh really? Well then you come and stand in front of my front door when the government comes to collect my guns – you’re going to find out that my interpretation of the Second Amendment is the only one you need to be worried about. Make sure you’ve got your insurance paid up and kiss your kids goodbye.” – Michael Badnarik

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March 2

Audio Showcase

so I realize I probably should have posted about this earlier, but February completed the first full month of AudShow. I created AudShow “to bring obscure bands into the light”, and it’s been keeping me so busy, I haven’t had a chance to even post about it over here. so go check it out, enjoy, suggest, comment, etc. viva music!

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