May 30

Americanly Yours | The Non-Aggression Principle

If you arent a libertarian, chances are that you have never heard of the non-aggression principle (also referred to as the non-aggression axiom). Most libertarians base their views about morality and the role of government around the non-aggression principle.

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  1. By Tom Fretts on

    Okay, question: let’s say a group of 20 Arab Muslims decide to hijack some American jets and fly them into a few American skyscrapers. Let’s just stipulate that this is true, that we have real video from the perps, admissions by planners, assumption of credit by hostile groups, etc., and everyone agrees that this is true. Not saying this happened, just saying let’s stipulate it to be true. Let’s also say that some of the planners in their home country use human shields for protection by hiding out in their homes where there are children, and they never leave the home. Local governments will not arrest or extradite, but everyone knows where they are. How does the NAP work in this situation, knowing that if nothing is done, there will most certainly be another attack?

  2. By frettsy on

    good question. firstly: the security company in charge of airplane security would be fired, the airline itself would go under for not insuring the jet cabin doors were locked, and the private defense agencies charged with protecting that area would be held accountable for not shooting down the hijacked aircraft before it got into densely populated areas like Manhattan.

    then, the *voluntarily-funded* private defense agencies or PDAs (as Rothbard called them) would be commissioned by the people to seek out specifically those guilty and responsible for the crimes. preferably, they would be captured to stand trial, but if they are clearly guilty and holed up somewhere refusing justice, retribution must be done. this whole scenario would probably cost less than a billion dollars by a PDA with a budget and some liability, instead of trillions in a system of endless money streams and no one to point to.

    basically, the military/defense forces are privatized. things work similarly to today, except there is accountability, efficiency, and the NAP still holds.

    a little more on that:

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