March 18

Benjamin Fulford explains HAARP

Benjamin Fulford explains HAARP The Ultimatum : Benjamin Fulford (Part 1 of 3) Tokyo, Japan February, 2008 The son of a Canadian diplomat, Benjamin Fulford rebelled against his upbringing and at the age of 17 made his way by boat into the heart of the Amazon to live with a tribe of for
    just saw this linked on the front page of Twitter. it’s 2.5 years old, but completely relevant to recent events. did anyone else wonder why the US Navy was standing ready off the coast of Japan when the tsunami hit? perhaps they knew it was coming long before anyone should have.    

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  1. By Angela on

    Hi Ben

    HAARP is a killing machine and everyone knows it. The Rothschilds and Rockerfellers have everyone in their pockets.
    They destroy everything they touch including the lives of the indigenous tribes. I really don’t know the answer
    to how we rid the world of these evil people.

    All the best, keep us informed, you do a great job


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