February 21

Sniper: Deadliest Missions – Ed Eaton – Army Of One – History Channel

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A 19yr old Sniper against an enemy platoon after their helicopter crashed. One of the most amazing true stories of courage under fire. Mekong Delta 1969.
    can anyone doubt that Ed Eaton is either one of the top 10 either bravest or craziest ‘Nam vets/men that ever lived? either way, I’d like to shake his hand.    

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  1. By Ronald Lanning on

    After watching the show “snipers” on the History channel last week, I now have a new Hero, Ed Eaton. I would like to know why this soldier did not get the Medal of Honour? Is it too late to reconsider? God Bless America and Bless Ed Eaton.

  2. By Irene Sandy on

    I would also like to know why Ed Eaton did not get the Medal of Honor????
    One of the bravest acts of heroism and sheer gut talent during Vietnam.

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