February 1

To our friends around the world: The Events in Egypt – News – Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Source: www.bibalex.org
Bibliotheca Alexandrina News in English
    Egypt’s youth have mobilized to protect the Library of Alexandria from vandals and looters, defending their national heritage. what an act of maturity and solidarity; America’s youth don’t even know their national heritage, much less defend it.    

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  1. By virginia picker on

    In every society, including ours, there are people who do know and do care. If something like this uprising were to happen in the US, I have no doubt, Calen, that you and Allison and your friends, Cody and his friends, Monica and Emma and their friends, would do the same thing. Don’t count your generation out! I see what you guys post every day and I hear your conversation. There are millions of you guys and I have faith that you would persevere!

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