June 30

Alex Jones: The Meaning of Life

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    What do you think the meaning of life is? What do you think is most
important in this world? What is your philosophy if you had to sum up
life? I mean, life is amazing. Look at the human heart, it beats from
the time you’re conceived, right up until the time you die. One piece
of equipment, our greatest science can’t even begin to mimic it. Or the
unbelievable complexity of a blood cell, or a brain cell, a neuron.
Think about how other-worldly it is, how we’re on the middle of this
beautiful planet, hurtling through space around the sun, deep in the
cosmos, and there’s all of this creation around us. And we don’t even
really notice it, we just go on about our business. Sunsets, and
thunderstorms, and the wind, and the forests, and flowers, and little
birds outside your window making a nest in the tree. Baby squirrels,
cottontails, running around in the park at night. There’s just so much
beauty, so much good in the world, so much innocence. Children are so
filled with wonder, and creativity, and that spark of creation. And
this corporate system, this plastic, manufactured, dehumanized web is
pulled up over our faces, over our psyches, over our souls, and we’re
just enveloped by the unreal, enveloped by the petty, enveloped by
artificial social stratas. And we take for granted all the majesty that
goes on around us. Well I don’t take it for granted. I am stunned and
staggered every day to be outside in God’s creation. I am stunned and
staggered by the incredible technological developments that mankind has
seen. I mean you go back 6000 years ago, there were a handful of human
settlements where agrarian farming societies had come together for
mutual defense and industry. And mathematics, and language, and
medicine was then developed. And then we started dealing with the
problem of predatory government. Where people had come together for
defense, and they built little walled cities, and sometimes you had a
good king, and sometimes you had a bad king, and there were scientific
elites who horded their knowledge and used their understanding, not
just of mathematics and language and medicine and the stars and
agriculture, but also how humans behaved, and how they could manipulate
fellow humans. And so it took humankind eons to pull themselves up to
the point of no longer being hunter-gatherers, small bands on the edge
of starvation, fighting off wild beasts by night, scrambling around the
barren landscape by day, trying to eke out an existence, eons to come
to the point of the small agrarian town, and then the fortress, and
then the region, and the city-state, and then the countries and empires.

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