September 15

civil disobedients and the neo-hippie movement

right this moment, something exciting is happening in New Hampshire. it’s nothing groundbreaking, dangerous, or particularly thrilling, but it is illegal. at exactly 11:00 PM this evening, some people… get this… entered a park.

you see, entering a park past 11:00 PM in the city of Manchester is illegal; there is an ordinance against it. but more and more every day, everyday citizens are engaging in that activity which Henry David Thoreau coined a century and a half ago, civil disobedience. it’s called the Liberty Movement, and it’s growing particularly strongly and quickly in New Hampshire, in the form of the Free State Project.

yes, these civil disobedients take issue with the government telling them what to do, from the streets to the courtroom. but they are not just talk, they are all action, routinely defying what they deem as overreaching statutes of their governing bodies. here are some examples:

  • after walking around on the streets and freely discussing the topic with passersby for hours, a man walked into a police station while conspicuously carrying a bag of marijuana and asked to speak to the police about why it was illegal – they did not approach him after 30 minutes, so he left
  • this woman gets 10 points for full participation in a topless open carry (the first of its kind that I know of), arguing that if a man had the right to do it, so should a woman – after the police argued with her to return to a shirt, she was booked
  • last but certainly not least, everyone has heard of William Kostric, who gave a boost to the Liberty movement when he legally but quite controversially wore a sidearm to a Presidential event – when numerous news stations attempted to grill him over the topic, most notably Hardball, his eloquent and well-thought-out answers changed minds across the nation

it is the new hippie movement, full of minarchists and anarchists. and it makes a guy like me smile.

of course, when I want to see some hippies, all I have to do is make a trip over to Athens :)

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