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Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

I just finished writing my first WordPress plugin! here is some information about lasTunes:

Adds iTunes links to user’s Recently Played Tracks feed and displays them.

Multiple options, including:

  • Add direct links to each track artist’s myspace and pages
  • Add link to album
  • Add link to user’s page

see it in action below. oh, and check out the lasTunes WordPress plugins page, where you can/should download it. while I may provide updates here from time to time, all new versions will be posted there. namaste!

recently listened tracks of AudioShowcase
Silversun PickupsDots and Dashes (Enough Already)Neck Of The Woods
Silversun PickupsThe PitNeck Of The Woods
Silversun PickupsGun-Shy SunshineNeck Of The Woods
DrakeMake Me ProudTake Care
Childish GambinoHeartbeatCamp

lasTunes by Infinite Schema